For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in shapes, colours, lines and aesthetics.

Painting is my main medium, the one I always return to, also when I temporarily explore and work with other materials and ways of expression.

I do abstract painting, but figurative recognisable elements are often embedded within the work as well, or elements that might allude to something more concrete.

When I do my artworks, I often take point of departure in one or more places of significance, most often places that relate to important people in my life.

I continuously adapt the same starting point. To use the same point of departure stretching over a longer period of time, works both as a type of hindrance and a frame for my working process. To continue reworking the same again and again, further develops my painterly expression.

This way of working resonates with a more basic approach to life, in which I experience that staying involved with things of importance, labouring at it, emphasizes exactly this importance, which is not nearly as present in things that are more random.